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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

____UCL____NEWS____ES GEHT LOS !!

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____UCL____NEWS____ES GEHT LOS !! NoPusher

____UCL____NEWS____ES GEHT LOS !!

Zuerst die neue Kaufempfehlung in "Der Aktionär" und jetzt die Meldung zu Identikey - ES GEHT LOS, die Aussis ziehen bereits mit und legen noch drauf. Nichts wie rein bevor es zu teuer wird.

HOMEX - Brisbane
Identikey Relationship Agreement with Computer Associates

Computer Associates has extended its deal with Identikey to include
Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ).

"Computer Associates can now deliver A/NZ customers Identikey
eBusiness security solution - one of the most secure software
solutions available on the market," said Mark Kefford, CEO,

"Identikey already has a successful working relationship with
Computer Associates in Europe, Middle East and Africa. "

Extending that relationship to include Australia and New Zealand is
significant because Computer Associates has a strong Asia-Pacific
presence. It will help us deliver a truly global solution," said Mark

The deal means Identikey will provide implementation security advice
and consultation to Computer Associates A/NZ.

Chris Wilson, regional vice president, channels, Computer Associates
said, "Security is essential when offering eBusiness solutions. We
have found that clients, including those from Australian and New
Zealand, have been reluctant to offer a high level of public access
or interaction with their Web sites for fear of security threats.

"Computer Associates excels at network management, infrastructure and
backend elements. We needed a secure eBusiness solution to complement
our suite of products, offering protection to people doing business
on the Internet. The combination of Computer Associates' eTrust

security solution and Identikey's technology represent a
sophisticated and secure way of using the Internet," said Chris


"Identikey is unique because it addresses internet security from an
application level," said Chris Wilson. "It can solve problems that
the e-commerce world is just beginning to deal with.

"As organisations move to eBusiness, managing the more traditional
aspects of security-authorisation, administration and auditing has
become increasingly important. Security breaches or attacks can mean
the loss of critical and confidential business information, loss of
network and data access,loss of customer confidence and potential
legal action."

Mark Kefford said, "Identikey has 10 levels of security to ensure
that access to restricted Web sites is only granted to registered

"For example, each key is protected by a personal identification
number (PIN). After a preset number of wrong PIN is reached, the key
will lock itself. The ecode is also difficult to hack into because
access codes are selected randomly by the server. A one-time only
numerical code is given to users each time they enter a site.

"This agreement with Identikey means that Computer Associates'
customers will get one the most reliable internet-security tools
available," said Mark Kefford.

For more information about Identikey, visit


Mark Kefford
Identikey Ltd
Phone (07) 3236 5050 Fax (07) 3236 5850

Silvana Giles
Phone (02) 9719 8855 Mobile 0411 477 079

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