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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

____UCL-Bericht eines HV-Teilnehmers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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____UCL-Bericht eines HV-Teilnehmers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLFREU

____UCL-Bericht eines HV-Teilnehmers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dies habe ich im WO-Board eben gefunden

Attended the UCL shareholders meeting yesterday in Brisbane....

UCL is in very good shape and I would expect some very good announcements are one the way once deals are completed.

The Identikey listing details can be expected very soon so it wouldn`t suprise me if it takes another rise shortly.. Identikey was held at CEBIT in the Security Hall. All Australian companies were in the Austrade exhibition, so they were considered a world player and obtained greated publicity for their product. Additionally, Identikey has won about 3 awards for it product over the past 2 years. A demonstration of the Identikey system was presented to everyone at the meeting (the same that is presented to Stockbrokers which could explain the rises and interest seen to date). It was very interesting and demonstrated how the system is completely secure without the fear of any interception of data as the secure data is never transmitted. It works by using a optical reader which interprets blinking signals from the screen to generate a random number on the Identikey. Currently the system has a hardware device but plans are underway to incorporate this as a software system and to make it compatible with Linux, Mac and with a number of the key servers available. Besides the deal with the US bank, deals have been done with a Swiss University and even here in Australia it is in use by Ray White. Although these one have not been announced to the market as they are just general sales, along with other sales.

The Director of UCL Rob Murdoch is very genuine and the company truely values shareholders and their perspective and despite their current plans to invest in tech and other sector stocks, they also remain open to a number of other investment opportunities.

Additionally, more deals are likely to be done with UCL shortly. After the lastest listing of shares on the market the company now has over $20 million in the bank. With identikey this cash holding will increase.

From CEBIT, and the time the Director spent over in the hall, I believe they may be seaking to secure a deal with one of these companies although nothing was mentioned. Additionally, they realise some IT companies are overpricing themselves on poor quality products and are only looking for that optimal product to take over from Identikey. On that token, I wouldn`t be surprised if from the CEBIT trip, they may have found it.

RadioCity, another product of UCL is starting to make progress with the marketing of the company starting and new employees being hired to progress this product. It is expected this should advance further over this quarter.

In the mining sector of UCL this is the largely unknown sector of the company which has quietly gone unnoticed by many, due to the significant progress made by Identikey. I would consider this aspect of the organisation bigger than the identikey project and over the next few months some progress may be made.

In Iran where the company is setting up despite being one of the few mining organisations within Iran, with the quality equipment and cheap labour skills available this has the potential to bring in significant returns.

Do your own research, but I believe UCL is a buy and hold for Identikey, its mining operations and for its future key aquisitions which potentially offer greater rewards than Identikey. This is a company that knows what it is doing.

I hold UCL and will continue to hold.

I am not a licensed financial advisor. Whilst all care is taken the above represents my opinions only and should not be relied upon when making investment decisions. It does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell the mentioned securities. You should seek personal advice from a licensed advisor prior to trading securities.

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